I am Just Human.

I like to research things that interest me, and then turn what I've learned into content. I like diving deeply into topics rather than wasting time with "hot takes" or punditry. My Twitch streams are typically two hours long and feature one or two primary digs. My Substack articles have covered topics such as Afghanistan, the Doha Agreement, Alex Saab, and most recently the Project Veritas Raid.

There's a lot of "doom and gloom" out there, but in my work, I try to focus on the positive. I believe pessimism is purposefully trafficked in the media as a way of keeping us demoralized and trapped in our negative feedback loops. In response, I look for the good to uncover the signs of hope and to introduce positive feedback loops.

If you enjoy my work, please give me a follow, share, or comment. If you feel inclined to support my work, the best way is to buy me a cup of coffee via a Substack subscription, Twitch sub, or direct donation--I run on caffeine!

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A Human, weathering my intuitions. Texan by birth, Christian by Faith.


A Human, weathering my intuitions. Husband. Father. Texan. Researcher. Alt Media Anon.