Kyle, I rarely get to listen to you live, but I never miss a thing that you put out. You truly have found your niche... I heard your story on Dr. Z’s show and how you “ended up” as a citizen journalist. Seems that God was leading you to the right woman and the right profession all along. I find it difficult to listen to most other CJ’s outside Badlands...seems Jon sequestered the best of you! Most others are spouting superficial talking points without your depth of understanding of the materials and news that you cover. Of course Defected is my #1, even if BB continues to interrupt you (I’ve politely asked him to “knock it off” 😂 ) Thank you for all you do...will continue to support you to the extent we are able. Peace...Mara (mdaidone63 on Rumble)

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Nailed it

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Missing the point, perhaps- but the process is illegitimate, the effort is illegitimate, the charges illegitimate, the arrest illegitimate; why would you expect the legal system process to play out in a legitimate manner with trial and acquital and advantage to Trump?

My fear is the Custody- an opportunity to have Trump assassinated.

Remember Jack Ruby cleaning up after the JFK Assassination...

They love their symbolism after all.

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