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What’s interesting was his ego on his Legacy, not wanting to stay in Afghanistan and it looking like another Vietnam! It’s a complete 360 to what we today! To think that his ego drove him to want to be on the right side of history 🥹and everything he as done in his fake presidency, turns out to be! He invaded our country with illegals, Weaponized all branches of the government,divided man against woman, race vr’s race , he ignored Supreme Court’s ruling, allowed attorney generals to ignore crime , gave Cartels the green light for human trafficking , stole a election, framed a U.S. Presidential for crimes he didn’t commit, has worked with the CIA to hit the American population with the biggest propaganda weapon in history! I can go on , he makes what Jefferson lee Davis did look like look like kids play when you combine the fentanyl deaths, race baiting deaths, Covid deaths and raised the level of a terrorist threat way larger than you can imagine! So with someone who wanted to remember for his legacy! Yeah as being thee most Tyrannical politician to ever take part in overthrowing the United States of America! He will be remembered, definitely not for what he tried fighting for in a Afghanistan withdrawal! I didn’t include his denial for the first black female Supreme Court justice in thee 80’s or his view on Justice Thomas then too, the crime bill of the 90 , Covid , and rights violations or countless racial references in statements he made! It’s just interesting to see what he was thinking almost 9 years ago and he must have been developing dementia then if he truly believed he was leaving a legacy! He only ran with the first black president who governed us by enforcing NATO’s rules, bailed out banks , nothing good stemmed from that administration we only gave birth to more division ! It was interesting read ! Thank you Kyle!

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